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08.06.2007 13:11

Matrox Parhelia driver for Linux is out

Unofficial Matrox Parhelia drivers After a long time without any updates to the unofficial mtx driver I finally compiled a new release together today. Have fun!

Please consider donating if you use this driver

  * Corrected the wording in the installer when a newer Xorg version is
    detected that is not directly supported by a precompiled mtx_drv.so to
    avoid confusion
  * Some small cleanups in the installer to prevent it from moving files
    that aren't there and therefore to reduce error messages during
  * In 2.6.22-rc2 the symbol "pci_module_init" has finally been removed, now
    the mtx driver takes care about that
  * Added two small patches from forum user "dagnygren" fixing bugs regarding
    memory allocation
  * Added a small helper file called "make.sh" to only build the Matrox
    Kernel module instead of installing the whole beast


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