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25.09.2006 17:08

New webmail software

After being unsatisfied with squirrelmail for a long time now I finally made the decision to switch the webmail software. But to what? I did some research and found at first ilohamail which looked promising but doesn't seem to be still supported (the website was down) and by trying to modify the default skin I missed some stylesheets to edit...
Well, by checking out the (offline) ilohamail website with the help of google's cache I found a blog entry saying something about a "spin-off" project called roundcube webmail which uses ilohamails IMAP library but has some Web 2.0 features embedded. After looking at the first screenshot I definetly had to try this software out and got the latest nightly svn.

Installation worked like a charm out of the box without any problems and the system is now up and running and I'm very satisfied with the fresh taste of this application.
Of course, I'll have to check it out in the next few days, but it seems to fit my needs perfectly.
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