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19.07.2006 09:49

Unofficial update to the latest 1.4.4 mtx driver release

According to a posting in the Matrox General Linux Forums there's a cosmetic issue with the new official 1.4.4 mtxdriver release.
A status message is being printed during AGP initialization but instead of using MTX_INFO for printing a status message, MTX_ERROR is used which is a little bit confusing for most of the users.

Besides this little change I also repaired the installer file (as always) so that it extracts into the correct directory leading me to the first unofficial driver version in the 1.4.4 branch. There's still a lot of work todo...

  * mtx_agp.c: Use MTX_INFO instead of MTX_ERROR for printing out status messages
  * Adapted the installer.run file to create the correct directory during extraction of the tarball

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